What does the Speed Date mean to you?

The Prince Claus Fund is connected to a thriving global network of artists, cultural organisations and critical thinkers – it’s what makes the Fund unique! Every year, we organize a Cultural Speed Date that encourages more than 250 cultural professionals from all over the world to meet, build relationships and share ideas at the Compagnietheater […]

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A chat with the organisers

The 2017 Cultural Speed Date is right around the corner. As this year’s organisers Dilara Jaring-Kanik and Rosa Schinkelshoek run around the Compagnietheater with final preparations, I ask for a few minutes of their time. So, why dating? Rosa: Technically, if you consider the purpose of this event, it can seem rather formal and rigid: […]

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Love Story #3: Empathy at first sight

Update: The results of the photography workshop can now be viewed at the Institut Francais in Cotonou until 30 May 2016! Participants of the workshop in action in Dangbo, Benin.   Stephan Köhler (right) is an independent curator, cultural manager and the chairman of the Kulturforum Sud-Nord, an NGO for the arts active in both Germany and Benin. […]

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Love Story #2: African writers come to Denmark

Ayan Mahamoud (left) met Simon Kristensen (right) for the first time during the 2011 Cultural Speed Date. Simon was an editor at the Danish publishing company Korridor Small Press in Copenhagen. Ayan meanwhile worked for the Somali organisation Redsea Online Cultural Foundation (RCF) that focuses on promoting reading and creative writing in Somali speaking society particularly among youths. The two kept […]

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Love Story #1: French design on Turkish ground

Professor Tevfik Balcioglu (right) has a PhD in Design Historiography and is affiliated with the Faculty of Architecture of Yasar University in Izmir, Turkey. He is president of 4T: Design and History Society in Turkey, and design coordinator of the Izmir Mediterranean Academy. In additional to wearing all these hats, Balcioglu is currently setting up the first Design Museum of Turkey in Izmir. Balcioglu has been a […]

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How it all began…

  It was December 2008, and Joumana El Zein Khoury – then coordinator of the Network Partnership programme – was busy welcoming the Prince Claus Fund’s Network Partners to Amsterdam for the annual Prince Claus Awards. With so many outstanding actors in the field of culture and development in the same city at the same time, Joumana had a simple idea: she […]

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